Teaching and Christian Community

Dietrich BonhoefferToday was my 32nd Opening Day (yes, I like using baseball terminology!) as a teacher in Lutheran Schools. This led me to intentionally reflect on this blessing from God.

Over the the past six months I have read a lot about Dietrich Bonhoeffer, and his own writing as well. This week I started his short work Life Together, which is considered one of his seminal writings. In the introduction Bonhoeffer makes the case that the presence of Christian community is an act of grace from God that not every Christian has the opportunity to regularly experience. That led me to reflecting on the immense grace I have received just by teaching at Lutheran High School.  I am not only working a job, but also have the privilege of participating in the grace of a Christian community in the workplace. Very few people have a strong Christian community at their place of work. What a blessing it is to have this community with my colleagues!

With gratitude to God for his many blessings, I am thankful for His calling as not just a teacher but also as His servant.

3 thoughts on “Teaching and Christian Community

  1. Nathanael Poppe

    1. I read a bit of Bonhoeffer a few years ago and really enjoyed his writing (and reading about his fascinating, albeit tragic, life.) I hope to read more of his works again.
    2. Very true how often we, within Lutheran Education, take the grace of Christian Community for granted. Thank you for bringing this to attention.
    3. I miss your more frequent blog posts and hope you continue more frequently this year!


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