About Me

10388110_10204166198541029_6091380394765298073_nDAVID BLACK

34 year education veteran in Lutheran schools who is passionate about sharing Jesus with students and families EVERY DAY and in leading innovative learning initiatives which embrace technology tools.

I am a displaced Chicago Cubs fan who has now lived in Colorado for 22 years. I serve as the Director of Lights Academy at Lutheran High School, Parker, CO. I also teach online for Concordia University Wisconsin in the Educational Design and Technology graduate program. A passion of mine is supporting schools and ministries through ongoing consulting, visioning, and facilitating professional development and leadership sessions. See the Leadership page for a list of my past and upcoming events, as well as the topics on which I am ready to support your school and teachers.

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2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Tom Barwood

    Interesting post. I am a teacher and a member of Bunyan Church (a non conformist UK church) and am always intrigued by the segue between faith and education.


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