Session Resources — Rocky Mountain District Professional Church Workers Conference, October 2019

SESSION ONE: Supporting Curious Learners

Three key strategies for supporting curious learners:

  1. Empowering students to ask questions and pursue answers to those questions
  2. Collaboration/social learning
  3. Authentic audiences

Session Activities:

Miscellaneous articles, links, and recommended software/sites lists:

SESSION TWO: Godly Device Management

Session Resources:

SEVEN STATEMENTS ON GODLY TECHNOLOGY USE: These statements of mine were shared and debated in the session. See if you agree and discuss your level of agreement with others:

  1. Technology (including mobile devices) is a gift from God.
  2. When issues arise with the use of technology, it is our (individually and/or collectively) fault.
  3. Godly technology use starts with us — modeling it as adults.
  4. Not all screen time is created equal.
  5. Deep Work management of technology is essential for everyone.
  6. We cannot fully understand the lifestyle of our students because we did not live at that age with mobile and digital technologies.
  7. I would rather embrace the mess of helping students with device use in our Lutheran school setting than cede the opportunity.