#Hashtags I Follow

aqua-3d-hashtag-symbol-2I am sometimes asked how I keep up with all the tools and trends in education. Some want to know where I find all the links for the lists that I share as separate links lists posts on FaithEdTech. Here is the secret sauce — using hashtags strategically.

For those of you not familiar with hashtags, these are phrases that follow the # sign that help organize content shared on social media, especially Twitter. For instance, using the hashtag #LuthEd on Twitter I can see posts and resources related to Lutheran education. I simply type in #LuthEd in the search box on Twitter and all the messages that use this hashtag emerge.

Sometimes those who post use a hashtag in some humorous manner. But most in the education field apply hashtags to help others find their posts and content. In essence, the hashtag is really an organization and curation tool.

For those who think that Twitter is about sharing what one had for lunch and discovering the antics of celebrities, a strategic use of hashtags makes the site a fantastic resource for educators. I use Twitter regularly for my own personal professional development.

Here are the Twitter hashtags that I most often follow. Please note that these tags fit my own personal education interests. At the end of this article, I will share some sites that list other education hashtags. Here are my favorites.

  • #LuthEd — I am entering my 30th year as a teacher in a Lutheran school, so it is important for me to share and collaborate with other educators within the second largest system of faith-based schools in the nation.
  • #20time — Dedicated to sharing ideas about implementing and maintaining personalized learning strategies based on Google’s famous 20% time to pursue projects of interest and passion.
  • #PBL — It’s all about project-based learning when using this hashtag.
  • #InnovatorsMindset — Discussion and sharing based around the book The Innovator’s Mindsetby George Couros.
  • #gafe — Ideas for using Google Apps for Education (now G Suite).
  • #HigherEd — Since I teach online for Concordia University Wisconsin, it is helpful for me to follow trends in the college world.
  • #GoThunderHanoi — Following the amazing student work at Concordia International School, Hanoi Vietnam. Activity with this hashtag will ramp up again as the school year commences.
  • #RethinkHighSchool — A hashtag that challenges me to continue to grow as a high school teacher.

If you are not seeing your education interests in this hashtags list, here is a compilation of different education-related hashtags:

100 Education Hashtags for Teachers and EdLeaders

If you regularly use hashtags for professional growth, what are your favorites? Feel free to share those as a comment to this post.




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