My Education Quotes

quotation-marksA few days ago I posted about the fascinating education quotes from George Couros, the keynote speaker at the Indiana District Lutheran Teachers Conference where I shared sessions and attended. I have also building a storehouse of quotes for educators. These are not really as deep or profound as those I shared from Couros, but they do seem to resonate with educators nonetheless. Here are those quotes with a brief explanation:

  • “Good teachers make themselves uncomfortable.” Comfort likely lends itself to complacency, something that none of us can afford to fully meet the needs of our students.
  • “Is your classroom more about achievement or learning?” Achievement (especially through summative assessments) does not necessarily mean that learning has taken place. But true, deep learning always leads to some sort of achievement, even if that achievement is not measured in a traditional manner.
  • “Are you using technology in a God-pleasing manner?” In Lutheran schools, we have the opportunity to talk about more than simply digital citizenship, but also to connect this to faith and the work of God in our lives.

What are your favorite quotes on education? What do you like to share with others? Share them as a comment to this post so that we might be able to learn and grow together.

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