Students, Educators, and Sleep (Part Three and Project Plan)

paper-3033204_1280This is the third in a series of posts about Students, Educators and sleep. Below you may follow links to the first two posts on this topic:

The first post raised the idea that we need a larger conversation about this topic within education, both for students and for educators. It also prepared readers of FaithEdTech for a series of articles on this subject. The second post introduced a plan I created for building a project in true project-based learning (PBL) style along side my students during the third quarter of this school year. This project would deeply examine this issue and provide some kind of innovation that will help us all (teachers, students, parents, administrators) improve both our understanding of our sleep patterns and the application of new ideas for our benefit.

The Part Two post shares the format of a project planning document, something I expect from my PBL academy students when they initiate a project. Below is the link to the planning document for this project on sleep that I am proposing. I would love to have a number of colleagues and other readers review the document and share constructive comments on the plan as a comment to this post. My students will also be reviewing the document for me, just as I review their planning documents for them.

Here is the link:

Mr. Black’s 3rd Quarter Innovation Project Plan

Thanks in advance to everyone willing to be a part of this planning and learning process.

3 thoughts on “Students, Educators, and Sleep (Part Three and Project Plan)

  1. I like the project plan, and the sources and questions are very thought-provoking. Thought an interesting addition/ consideration could be to do some kind of data collection around teachers and students, tracking the actual amount of sleep they get. Could be an interesting baseline for the project.


    1. Thank you for taking the time to provide the feedback. Interestingly, a couple students of mine who were reviewing my planning document suggested something similar. Great minds! 🙂


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