Favorite Primer for Student Questions

1412799949295I have participated in a number of Twitter education chats over the past few days where the skill of student questioning has been discussed. Those of you who have read my posts in the past know that I am an advocate for getting student to ask really good questions and then giving them permission to pursue answers to these questions. I also firmly believe that this is a skill that needs to be regularly practiced since most students only have the experience of answering the questions of others in the classroom.

For those of you looking for ways to help your students ask good questions, linked below is a go-to resources that I have used repeatedly with students to help them see what good questions look like and to guide them in answering good questions themselves. It is my hope that you might find this useful for you as well.

I particular appreciate the section on the middle of this page that lists types of questions and then gives examples for those types of question. I use this as a framework with student and then ask them to create questions of interest to them that would fit the types listed on the page. Typically the process is slow at first but picks up momentum with practice.

Thanks to @tonyvincent and his staff for sharing this resource with all of us. Here is the link:

Crafting Questions That Drive Projects

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