RMD Conference Picture Story

unnamed-23Yesterday I returned from our annual Rocky Mountain District educator’s conference. While I was there I had the privilege of leading a session on Supporting Curious Learners. We looked at storytelling as one of those challenges that a curious learner of any age might embrace, and I challenged the participants to create a story of our conference in 15 minutes.

In order to tell this story, participants used this quarter-hour time to take pictures and send them on to me — pictures that they felt represented our conference and environment from Breckenridge, CO. I then compiled all the images on an Instagram account (luthedconf) for the story to be told.

Take a look at luthedconf. What can you learn about our conference from the images? How has the story been told? What more could be told? How?

What stories are you having your students tell? How are they sharing these stories? Share a comment with this post with your ideas for supporting curious learners through storytelling.

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