Mentoring Book By My Dad

412G5hH37qL._SX332_BO1,204,203,200_My father, Kenneth Black, is an 85 years old life-long educator — one who has had several acts in his professional career. For many years he was a Lutheran school principal, positively impacting the lives of thousands of students. In his 50s he was called to a role of leadership in church administration, leading an emerging television ministry while caring for a congregation of several thousand members. As he transitioned toward retirement, he was asked to lead the senior group at this same church. This led to an incredible third act of his work as an educator.

As my dad transitioned towards retirement, he was asked to lead the senior ministry at the church. After a few meetings where speakers were brought in and card games were played, Dad saw that this group needed a mission and purpose. After investigating some possibilities for this group, he traveled to Wisconsin to review a mentoring program that was established to bring seniors in to mentor students at local public schools. This visit propelled his vision to establish something similar in his Illinois town. It also spurred a greater interest in all sorts of mentoring relationships.

As his interest in mentoring increased and as tangible results of its impact emerged, it became a dream of my dad’s to write about his experiences and to encourage others to intentionally mentor others, especially students. Me a Mentor: A Call to Action in a Disconnected World is his contribution to intentional mentoring. After years of writing, re-writing, and editing, his book is finally available. I am proud of his work and servant heart and I would love for you to be able to read his book if you are interested. If you would like to get connected to a copy of this publication, please let me know.

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