For several years folks in education (and other fields as well) have chosen a word, or even three words, to guide them for the coming year. I have often chosen three words to help me focus on the year ahead, thinking that a single word did not provide enough guidance for me. I debated as to whether to select multiple words again, but instead decided to focus on a single word that may be applied in multiple settings.

At first I considered the word “persevere” as my word of 2022. The last two years have felt like a personal, professional, and spiritual slog, so the word initially seemed appropriate. But as I reflected, “persevere” appeared far too negative to serve me well. It seems to indicate merely surviving and getting through days and weeks rather than thriving. I wanted something far more positive to set focus upon — to uplift and encourage myself and then be positioned to better encourage others.

So CELEBRATE it is! This word will be a key focus of mine for 2022. As we enter this new calendar year, I seek to celebrate:

  • My life in Christ and all He has done for me
  • Family
  • Vocation
  • My students and their talents and abilities
  • Health
  • God’s incredible creation
  • God’s leading through trials and challenges
  • Friends

……and so many more blessings.

How about you? Do you also believe it is time for intentionally and regularly celebrating the many gifts we have been granted by our Heavenly Father? If you believe this to be true for you as well, then join the celebration in 2022!

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