Reestablishing FaithEdTech

If you follow this blog you will notice that I have not at all been prolific with my writing and reflecting the past few years. Some of this is due to the unique nature of the past few years in education and the incredible amount of energy that was expended in doing the best I could to make education work for students under unusual circumstances. Honestly, though, I also began to look at writing as “something extra” rather than being at the core of who I want to be as a leader. It was just easier to let this go rather than make it a priority.

There are a few things that happened this year that have challenged me to rethink my writing malaise:

  • I had the opportunity to support several new teachers at my school as they navigated their professional work. I was blessed to be able to have many productive conversations with them, reminding me that supporting colleagues, especially those emerging teachers, is something that I can do to build education as a whole. I was reminded through this process of the importance and blessing of investing in others.
  • A few health issues cropped up, reminding me that the time for impact is limited for any of us. Hence, I want to make a difference for the future where and when I am able.

Now I don’t want this to sound self-serving, like it is important for me to leave a “legacy” for which I am remembered. In my genealogical research there are very few people from a century ago that are really remembered today. But what these people built were the daily habits and faith and cultural institutions that were conferred from one generation to the next. That, to me, is what is most important, not some type of narcissistic “legacy”.

That is why I am committed to reestablishing FaithEdTech. I want to do what I can to support others in their understanding of faith, education, and technology, and the intersection of those three ideas. I want to share the expertise and observations with which I have been blessed to more regularly add value to others. Look for much more from me on this blog in the coming year. I’d invite you to join me on this journey by using the sidebar link to follow me via email.

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