Conference Instagram Images

IIMG_7183 have really enjoyed spending the past three days in Kennewick, WA, where the Northwest District Professional Church Workers’ Conference has taken place. Lots of meaningful conversations took place with wonderful servants of the Lord. I am thankful to have been asked to lead at this conference.

In my final session today we talked about supporting curious learners and helping them maintain their joy of learning throughout the grades. To model what this might look like, I challenged the session participants to spend 15 minutes moving around the conference venue, taking pictures to tell the story of the conference event. I then gathered these images into an Instagram account, where those in the session told the story of this conference through pictures. What a wonderful experience it was in seeing this participants modeling curious learning, and therefore being better prepared to support this curiosity in their students.

Here is the Instagram account. Keep in mind that all of this was built in just 15 minutes:

NWDConf17 on Instagram

Additionally, here are my notes and resources from the various sessions I lead. Feel free to glean anything you feel might be useful for you from this site:

2017 Northwest District Educators Conference Resources

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