Links List — 12.11.2017

I have not put a links list together for quite some time to share the items I have found. Perhaps you will find some links that are of interest to you from this list:

  • Ten Creative Alternatives to Showing Movies Before Break — Many educators are worn down by the middle of December and look for ways to manage their strain. Showing movies to the class is a way this has been traditionally done. The author of this post, however, provides specific ideas for using this time in a less structured but more meaningful way. Of course, this list is only helpful for the educator who can push to put their students first even during a challenging time of the year.
  • 10 Steps to More Humane Final Exams — This probably applies only to secondary and higher education leaders, but they provide some really good thoughts for making sure that final exams really meet student-centered learning goals.
  • How Can We Bring Coding Into Authentic PBL — The recent “Hour of Code” is a start in helping students understand the importance of coding in our world today and their potential place within this structure. However, applying coding to solving real-world problems is a much more meaningful step.
  • Copyright Lessons for Students and Teachers — All of us can use a regular update on copyright in a fast-changing world.

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