Taking Care of Yourself — The Faith Connection

As many of you know, I really appreciate the work and writing of George Couros. He is both inspiring and challenging in his posts — posts which I very much appreciate.

Yesterday Couros shared the graphic on the left as well as this post that outlined the importance for teachers to take a true break and refresh. This is especially timely as we head toward Christmas break in schools.

Couros shares three thoughts about how to refresh:

  1. It’s OK to need a break
  2. Learn to say no
  3. Take care of yourself

The details for each of these ideas may be found in his post. But I believe a 4th idea can be added: Embrace God’s Word for peace and comfort. Ultimately, the first three items will not be as refreshing as they can be without God and a renewed understanding of His promises for us through the hope of Christmas. Truly, because Christ came and what He did for us, the pressure is off. We have an eternal hope and future in which we can rest, not just during the busy times of this year, but at any time.

Take a break BY embracing God’s Word. Learn to say no AND use that time to rest in God’s promises. Take care of yourself THROUGH prayer and worship. Prepare yourself for greater service to others.

Merry Christmas to all!

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