Twitter Chats — #LeadUpChat #HackLearning #LuthEd

2000px-Twitter_Logo_Mini.svgI have participated in Twitter chats for several years now. However I have not been as faithful in joining these education chats as of late. This weekend was different. As I sat in front of my computer both yesterday morning and today I noticed that several educators I follow were engaged in chats to start the day. On Saturday I participated in the #LeadUpChat, which is not just for administrators but also for those who love to lead learning in their classrooms. This morning I joined the #HackLearning chat, which was very inspiring since I participated with educators who have a passion for not accepting the status quo when there are better ways to inspire students.

My regularly weekly chat has long been the #LuthEd chat on Monday evening. Being a part of the Lutheran system, it is important for me to connect with those that have a similar background. But my schedule for Monday nights this year has been different and making these chats has been a challenge. Hence my participation has waned.

That is why I am thankful that I noticed these other chats commencing this weekend. I jumped right in and learned from others quickly. Hopefully they learned from me as well.

These hashtags are not only for chats but also for learning communities that are connected to the weekly chats. Anyone can view the content built by these educators by clicking on the following links to the hashtags:

Are you looking for a chat that is specific to your subject area, grade level, interests, or geographic location? Then check out this schedule of weekly education related Twitter chats. (NOTE: Many of these chats will be on hiatus during the Christmas break from school.)

Here is my challenge to each educator: Select one new Twitter chat in which to participate over the next month. And #LuthEd folks, why not select an additional chat to try out in addition to our regular chat. And then share what you learn. Share with me! Share with others! Keep the learning going!

I’ll be sharing my new learning from the weekend chats in my next post.


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