Tweet of the Day — 1.1.2018

Happy New Year to all readers of FaithEdTech! May we all celebrate God’s gifts of learning, service, and salvation in 2018!

Here is a tweet of the day to start the year. I have held on to it for a couple days, pondering its application to the education process. I think it speaks to the importance of choice as an important student motivator in the learning process. Here is the tweet:


Agree? Disagree? How is this applicable to your classroom?

5 thoughts on “Tweet of the Day — 1.1.2018

  1. Nathanael W Poppe

    By definition– Project: an individual or collaborative enterprise that is carefully planned and designed to achieve a particular aim.
    Overall, I think that what we have traditionally called a project is carefully planned and designed by the teacher in order to achieve a particular aim. Whereas I think the author of the tweet wants the individual or collaborative enterprise to include students so that the project is still carefully and designed but by students (maybe with help from teachers).
    In other words, my understanding of Lights Academy is that you have guidelines for what can be done, but overall, the students plan and design their particular aim within those boundaries.
    I think both are projects, by definition; however, which is more effective in the learning process may be the better question.
    In my own classroom, I could allow more creativity when assigning projects in order to allow students to take greater ownership in their learning process though.


    1. Thanks for your response. From my own perspective, I can think of very few times when I would want to completely script a longer activity. There is too much to be lost in student compliance as opposed to students taking responsibility for their own learning.


      1. Nathanael W Poppe

        I agree; however, to use the same analogy, if I were cooking anything, it is a project (and difficult)–no need to add creativity or you will get something ugly that probably doesn’t taste good even though it is covered in Cheese or Chocolate. 🙂


      2. I appreciate the analogy to recipes (and good food!), but shouldn’t education be far less of a recipe for students than it is? How does that, ultimately, honor the unique gifts and talents God has given them in the best way?

        By the way, thanks for engaging on this blog, Nate. I really appreciate your thoughts, challenges, and contributions.


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