New Learning — 1.2.2018

In this new year I will continue to share new learning of mine. It isn’t that the new learning is always important for my readers, although I hope that some of it proves to be helpful to others. This is simply a tool to model for my students what I want for all of them. I want them to be…..:

  • Curious about the world
  • Always learning
  • Experience the excitement of this learning
  • Be willing and able to share this learning with others

This new learning post actually goes back to a Twitter chat in which I participated on December 17th. As you may know from a previous post on online chats, I have joined some new chats recently. In the first question of the #hacklearning chat I was introduced to the term phenomena as it relates to education.


The following tweet shared an excellent definition of phenomena for learning purposes:


What I appreciate about this definition is that we can pursue the use of phenomena for learning not just in the sciences but throughout the academic disciplines. One goal I have is to explore and experiment with the use of phenomena in education during this second semester.

Thanks to @biologygoddess and @LaurenPorosoff for the new learning!

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