Tweet of the Day — 1.3.2018

Here is a Tweet of the Day for today:


This tweet really caught my attention. This is a truth for me and I am sure most educators. Why is that?

  • Is it fear? Are many fearful that this process will hurt them in some way? Has one been burned by this before?
  • Is it a lack of technology available? One would not think that is the case today, but I certainly don’t know every school situation?
  • Is it time — time to set up, to evaluate, etc.?
  • Is it that educators simply don’t see the value in this process?
  • Is it a combination of these things? Something else?

Should reviewing ourselves in this way become more of a priority? What do you think?

6 thoughts on “Tweet of the Day — 1.3.2018

  1. Nathanael W Poppe

    That is a very interesting talk. Additionally, High School football players make the time to watch themselves play football, analyze their own playing style and ability, and studying others playing style and ability.
    Others probably have different reasons. For me, it is definitely a time issue. While I know it is important to watch myself and make corrections on my teaching, I have not made the time to make what is important about it a priority to do.
    With all of that in mind, I wonder if research shows that video self-reflection improves teaching. Have you seen research on this?


    1. I don’t know the answer to the question about video self-reflection and its impact on teaching. Excellent question! If research shows that this leads to great instructional and learning gains, then perhaps we should be making this a greater priority. If not, then maybe this is more noise than signal.


  2. CStaude

    While it could be all of the above, I suspect Time is the biggest factor. We barely have time to get home and prepare a meal and (hopefully) share it with our family before evening demands kick in. I have taken papers with me to grade while enroute to evening school events etc. Then I grade or prep more when I get home. To take time to watch myself teach seems like a time luxury that I can little afford.
    Have done it a few times – like any self-recording it always feels a little awkward. Not sure I would compare it to watching football videos but where patterns and team coordination are a much bigger issue. It’s more like watching a game show at times (when collaborating a lot) and I move around a lot so I get out of camera range frequently. LOL!


    1. The time factor also fits in with my post earlier today about sleep and rest for educators and students. I guess a big question is whether we should considering watching ourselves teach a luxury or something more important? Or are there other more important and less time intrusive steps we can take for our own growth?


    2. See also above. Nate made a good point about whether there is any research on this topic, to which I don’t immediately know the answer. If the positive results are negligible, then this probably isn’t worth the time. If they are significant, then perhaps we should all be making this a greater priority.


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