Flipgrid and Lights Academy Applications

Twitter10It is application season for the various academies at Lutheran High School, where I teach and serve. I look forward to reviewing the potential candidates for the academy which I lead, Lights Academy.

One of the challenges I continue to face with this academy is helping students and parents understand just what Lights Academy is and its clear benefits. Because it is built as a project-based, personalized learning academy, it does not lend itself to a descriptive name, such as a STEM or Business academy would. So I need to regularly seek out ways to effectively communicate the message and story of this academy and help others understand why this academy has immense value for all kinds of students — even those who already have a STEM or Business interest.

Therefore, this year I used the Flipgrid service to have my current students themselves explain why they benefit from being in Lights Academy. Flipgrid provides a format for students to create simple videos to respond to a discussion prompt. Click on the link below and see what you think of their responses. Would you apply to this program?

You Should Apply to Lights Academy

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