Lights Academy Capstone Project Presentations

001_LA_on_white copyEach year our Lights Academy seniors create a Capstone Project that serves as a deep research project that is a culmination of their work in our project based academy. These presentations are formally shared during the school day and informally shared in a conversational style with parents and visitors on a Capstone Celebration Night at the beginning of May.

I am very proud of these seniors and their work. At the end of this post I will be sharing our Capstone Project Presentation schedule. As you look through the project titles I have no doubt that every reader of FaithEdTech will find one or more topics of interest. If you would like further information about any project, please let me know through a message to this post or via email. Each project will have web content for their project created and shared by the beginning of May, so I will be able to point you to that content at the proper time.

Once again, let me know if you would like more information on any of these projects.  Here is the list of students and their project titles:


2018 Lights Academy Capstone Project Presentation Dates and Topics

Alex Mazza — Thursday, April 12th

Topic: The Mind and Its Mysteries

Kenna Mooney — Friday, April 13th

Topic: Broken or Mended?: The Psychological Effects Divorce Has On Children

Emily Luplow — Monday, April 16th

Topic: Turning Little Hearts Big For Jesus

Grant Erffmeyer — Wednesday, April 18th

Topic: Fake News: How It’s Affecting You and What You Need To Do About It

Luke Arkell— Thursday, April 19th

Topic: College Debt or Life Debt?

Dane Gopsill — Friday, April 20th

Topic: The Future of Small Businesses in Denver

Yosh Getachew — Monday, April 23rd

Topic — Road to Recovery: The Past, Present, and Future of Parkinson’s Disease Treatments

Luke Gopsill — Tuesday, April 24th

Topic — A Business For Both the Present and the Future

Tori Bjorgum — Wednesday, April 25th

Topic — Geniuses, Leaders, and the Mentally Unstable

Matt Young — Thursday, April 26th

Topic — Saving Your Future

Isabel Dycus — Monday, April 30th

Topic — The Group Hospital: A Cure For the Dysfunctional Posse

Cole Williams — Tuesday, May 1st

Topic — Success vs. Significance: Can They Coexist?

Addison Barstad — Wednesday, May 2nd

Topic — What If the World Was Blind For a Day?

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