My Daughters and Their Blogs

I am thankful that my daughters have become such excellent writers. I cannot claim any credit for this. They are all voracious readers and they have had excellent teachers to guide them in their writing, particularly in high school. They also are bloggers, and if you have any interest in their subject matter, I encourage you to follow them through their WordPress sites.


My oldest daughter Stephanie’s blog is Two Cents. As her subtitle indicates, she writes about travel, culture and the world from her perspective as a teacher in Slovakia. She has a passion for these topics which readily emerges from her words. I am very pleased with her deep insights and her willingness to share them with all of us.


My other two daughters, Susannah and Carrie, share a blog entitled Devoted. Here they effectively share their Christian and faith-based insights on life and God’s Word. I am biased, but I find them to be very spiritually mature and inspirational in their writing.

If you would like to follow these blogs, simply visit these sites and find the “Follow” button. From there you will be able to enter an email address and receive notifications of their posts. The number of posts they share will not be overwhelming, but I know they would be thrilled to have you join them on their writing journey, so please consider it. Thanks!

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