Questions and Pursuing Answers

banner-1090830_1920Those of you who regularly read this blog know that I am a huge advocate of teaching  students to ask good questions and then empowering them to pursue answers to these questions. This blog post is one that clearly expresses these ideas. Here are a couple highlights/thoughts from this post:

  • Completely agree with the idea that success in school doesn’t mean that learning is taking place. Some are simply good at “doing school.” Helping students pursue answers to great questions is one path to ensuring that deep learning happens.
  • If you want to know more about the EdCafe model, click here. Note that there are some parallels to the EdCamp model for educator professional growth.
  • This process prepares students to be active leaders in the workplace rather than passive responders.
  • I appreciate the author’s comment about the value of a baseline skill and information set that he wants for his child. That prepares the student to effectively pursue answers to good questions.
  • I can’t say this enough: Students typically need practice in asking good questions. So often they are expected to answer the questions of others that they lose a good portion of that natural curiosity with which they have been blessed.

So as we head into a new school year, how are you planning to help your students ask good questions and pursue answers to those questions?

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