Student Reflections on a Class

classroom-379216_1920As I have grown in my chosen profession I have learned to regularly ask my students about their experience in my classroom, providing them a chance to reflect on what they have learned and the process of learning. We are about a month and a half into the 2018-2019, so this week seemed like a chance to do a quick check-in with my students.

Here are the four questions I asked my students for their feedback:

1. Name the two most important new things you have learned this year.

2. What lessons activities and strategies have worked best for you this year? Why?

3. If there is one thing you would change about the class so far, what would it be? Why?

4. Share anything else you would like Mr. Black to know about the class here


  • By and large, the class is meeting the needs of students and they are enjoying the class
  • There is one assignment process that several students found to be somewhat problematic. Suggestions were shared for addressing the issue, so we will experiment with some of those suggestions in the coming week.
  • The input reminded me that my students have a wide variety of needs and preferences for learning activities and that I continue to have these individual needs in my thought process as I build activities for each week.

Are you checking in with your students? Are you receiving feedback that allows you to grow and improve? Do students have a voice to share what they are thinking about your class? If you have not done any check-in with your students so far this year, I encourage you to engage them in a simple way and learn from them.

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