Re-Launch of FaithEdTech

rocket-launch-67643_960_720Over the past year I lagged in my blogging and, consequently, my self-reflection as an educator and as a leader lagged as well. There are several reasons for this — life circumstances, the intensity of teaching, etc. But ultimately, I was tiring of the blogging process and it was becoming a burden rather than a joy. My motivation was lacking. I kept feeling like my sharing was not making a difference for myself or for other educators.

After a summer of reflection about the future of my blog, I decided it was time to re-invigorate what I was doing rather to scrap blogging altogether. Sometimes a fresh start is necessary. To that end, here are some of the changes to FaithEdTech that are commencing with this post:

  • After looking at a number of blogging platforms, including a renewed study of Blogger, which I had previous used for my posts, I decided to use a WordPress site instead. This platform, which I have used before with other organizations, provides me with greater flexibility for building and maintaining content. In addition, using this platform gives me that “fresh start feel” that I was seeking to jump start my posting once more.
  • I have obtained the domain to make it easier to find and brand my content. Please feel free to bookmark this address or, even better, subscribe to each updated post using the “Follow” feature in the right sidebar.
  • My old posts will remain at, and I will likely refer to posts at that site from time to time, but all new content will found here.
  • The commenting and following features are streamlined with this site, making it easier for conversations to build for community to be created as we analyze issues related to faith, education, and technology.

Despite these changes, there are several things that will remain the same. The main similarity will be the content of the blog. Each post will reflect on some element of faith, education, or technology, and often ideas that intersect among these three topics.

In addition, the relative priority among these ideas remain the same and is reflected in the blog title. There is nothing more important than embracing a saving faith in Jesus Christ. Faith comes first because ultimately this life will pass away for each of us and give way to eternity — an eternity I hope to share with each of you in heaven with our Lord. Education is second because that serves to help us better understand our God as well as the world He has given us as a gift. And finally, technology provides us tools and platforms to serve both faith and education. Technology has also been an abiding interest of mine throughout my professional career. The intersection of these three ideas will continue to provide a rich base for inquiry, study, and conversation — a learning process that I hope will be provocative for you as a reader as well.

I invite you to join me in this continued learning journey. I value your thoughts, participation, and challenges to ideas shared along the way. Together, let’s make FaithEdTech a place where professional growth and spiritual development happens.

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