FaithEd Tech 8.3.2017 Links List

For those of you who are not familiar with the previous version of my blog, periodically I would share a list of links that I recently viewed which I thought might have value to others. I will continue this process at the new site.

To that end, here is the 8.3.2017 links list:

  • Dr. Bernard Bull, on his Etale blog, challenges educators to make student grown and development our first priority, even if that is at times at the expense of student acclaim. Click here to visit his provocative post.
  • Blue Letter Bible — Over the past year this site has become the primary Biblical studies site I use in my research and preparation for Theology classes. Just about any study tool one might desire is found here, including many Bible translations, Greek and Hebrew resources, devotional, commentaries, and many other resources.
  • 8 Digital Skills We Must Teach Our Children — While I agree with the list, I also believe that those of us who teach in Lutheran schools have the privilege of bathing these skills in the light of the Gospel, which takes us further in applying these ideas for personal growth and for public service.
  • 5 Questions to Ask Your Students To Start the School Year — These questions will help set your classroom on the path to become more student-centric and less teacher-centric. I plan to use forms of these questions to start the year.
  • Baseball Cards and Sticky Learning — A post I wrote on behalf of Concordia Publishing House that emphasizes the importance of playing with ideas for learning that is retained.

And just for fun…….learn how and why airlines schedule their flights:

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