Tweet of the Day — 1.6.2018

A few minutes ago I finished participating in this week’s #LeadUpChat on Twitter. I have found these chats to be increasingly important for me in providing inspiration and new ideas for leading in the classroom.

Today’s topic dealt with goals for 2018. Goals can be a tricky thing. They can be incredibly energizing, especially when we see success with the goals, but they can also be deflating when success is elusive.

During the chat the conversation turned toward those times when we set standards for ourselves and don’t meet them. The following tweet of the day reminds us that this is not necessarily a bad thing.


“A parking spot where passions percolate.” What a powerful and poetic statement!

What is your parking spot? If you don’t have one, it would be an excellent goal for the new year to identify this spot and unleash your creativity for education and/or ministry.

2 thoughts on “Tweet of the Day — 1.6.2018

  1. Nathanael W Poppe

    Currently, I use a journal system called Bullet Journaling (using a notebook). It both provides for the daily/monthly tasks I have to do, but it also provides the opportunity to use pages for any ideas: Favorite quotes, books to read, thoughts on books read, anything. While it doesn’t add any particular sharing ideas, it allows me to see and revisit them as often as I like organized how my brain works.

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