Tweet of the Day — 1.15.2018

Here is today’s tweet of the day, courtesy of @MrTomRad, and some short commentary about the tweet:


A few thoughts:

  • Quiet is important at times. There are some students for whom quiet is necessary to learn effectively. Quiet is also essential for respecting others when they are sharing their thoughts and opinions. Learning quiet at the appropriate times is showing concerns for others.
  • Quietness is a characteristic of being spiritually contemplative and reflective. The quiet allows us to turn our hearts fully toward the Lord and to hear His voice.
  • That being said, there is probably too much quiet just for the sake of quiet in classrooms — quiet being expected for the sake of compliance rather than for some learning ideal.
  • Some of the best learning takes place in a noisy, bustling classroom. Authentic learning is often very messy in that way.

What are your thoughts on quiet?


3 thoughts on “Tweet of the Day — 1.15.2018

  1. Nathanael W Poppe

    The further question is: what do we do when we have some students who thrive with the interaction and noise and those (like myself) who need either silence or calming music (without words) to drown out small noises? We seem to be at odds with each other. How do we accommodate both groups? I understand the opposition to being quiet for the sake of quietness but is there a difference between whole group, small group, and individual work times?



    1. Quite simply, that is where the current physical structure of most of our classrooms just does not work. It does, however, provide plenty of opportunities for students to better understand one another and their needs. It would also be an interesting activity to have the students themselves, in a Socratic manner, “solve” this problem, or at least set standards for this issue. There are lots of ways in which we could give them greater ownership with what happens in the classroom by empowering them to work through issues like this.


      1. Nathanael W Poppe

        That is a great idea, allowing them to set the standards. I usually allow my students to pick their music, and not everyone always agrees on the choices, but they know they will be able to pick some other time.


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